Ad space on Metro in high demand

The concept of ‘Metro wrap’ ads, where the entire Metro train is covered with ads, is becoming so popular that demand for them has surpassed the total number of trains available for the purpose. Since its launch in October 2014, the Delhi Metro has had at least 30 companies that have opted for this form … Read more


Facts about Narendra Modi

His full name is Narendra Damodardas Modi. He has been elected continuously 3 times as Chief Minister of Gujarat State. Some success achieved under Narendra Modi’s leadership: – Gandhinagar is the Greenest Capital City in whole Asia. – Surat is the fastest growing city in the world. – Gujarat has become popular choice for business establishment. … Read more

Negotiating: The Top Ten Ways that Culture Can Affect Your Negotiation

1. Negotiating goal: Contract or relationship? Negotiators from different cultures may tend to view the purpose of a negotiation differently. For deal makers from some cultures, the goal of a business negotiation, first and foremost, is a signed contract between the parties. Other cultures tend to consider that the goal of a negotiation is not … Read more

What You Should Know About Negotiating With Japanese

Linguist Richard Lewis discusses techniques for working with people from different cultures in his best-selling book, “When Cultures College,” now in a 2005 third edition. Here’s an excerpt: The Japanese are conditioned by exceptional historical and geographical constraints as well as by their thought processes in a language very different from any other. How does … Read more