Run Budhia run Movie

The timing couldn’t have been better. It is entirely fitting that on the eve of the Rio Olympics a sports film — Budhia Singh: Born To Run — on an Indian child marathoner, should hit the screens. What’s more significant, however, is that Budhia Singh manages to break away from several principle arcs and formulae … Read more


Accounting isn’t all by the numbers. The accounting field is rich with history, tradition and, dare we say, even romance. Here are amazing fun facts that may change the way you look at accounting:    The word “accountant” comes from the French word “compter,” which means to count or score. Over time, the “p” was … Read more

Interesting Facts and types of Yoga

The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to yoke or join together. It most often refers to the yoking of a conscious subject (jiva-atman) with a Supreme Spirit (parama ta man) in order to reach an ecstatic condition (Samadhi, a “placing or putting together”). It is derived from the Proto-Indo-European base … Read more

Surprising Facts About Learning

31 Surprising Facts About Learning (That Challenge The Academic Approach) Have you checked your assumptions about student learning at the door? People in general, hold onto beliefs that are shaped by early experiences, the media, and faulty influences. The following list is a compilation of research that may surprise you. Video games, e-books, playtime, and … Read more

50 Brain Facts Every Educator Should Know

Brain Development and Learning Read on to learn interesting facts about how the brain develops, what can affect that development, and how learning is impacted. Read aloud. Parents and teachers who read aloud and talk often to young children are promoting brain development. Bilingual brains. Children who learn two languages before the age of five … Read more

Robot That Devours Insects and Rodents

  At this point, robotic vacuum sweepers, singing androids and mechanical dogs are old hat. But British inventors Jimmy Loizeau and James Auger have made a quantum leap with the Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robot, an automaton that would stalk and devour mice and insects, and then eat them and digest their bodies to produce its … Read more